FPD 04-2810


James PotterVictim :                 James Potter

Date:                     May 28, 2004

Case#:                  Fullerton PD 04-2810

Location:              Sunny Hills Racquet Club – 1900 Camino Loma, Fullerton CA

Narrative:            On 5/28/04, James Potter went to a dance party with some friends, advertised and hosted by a dance crew called “Sexy Banging” at the Sunny Hills Racquet Club in Fullerton, CA. Due to an unexpectedly large turnout (approximately 300 attendees) the party was closed down by the management.  As the attendees disbursed, several fights broke out mainly between African-American’s and Hispanics.  Potter was stabbed and later succumbed to his injuries after separating from his friends to go talk to an unknown individual in the parking lot.  The suspect responsible for the death of James Potter has not been identified.