Jane DOE

SAPD Case Number 88-24532


mug_doeVictim:             Jane DOE

Date/Time:     March 31, 1988

Case #:             SAPD 88-24532

Location:         2500 N. Main St, Santa Ana, CA 92706 (Santiago Park)

Narrative:        The body of an unidentified White or Hispanic woman, approximately 20-28 years old, was found by a citizen walking his dog in the Santiago Park creek bed.  The victim had been decapitated and her head was not located after a thorough search of the crime scene.  A few days later, teenagers in the creek bed discovered the severed head in the same area where the body had been found.  Forensic evidence revealed the head had been placed there sometime after the processing of the original crime scene.  The victim has not been identified.  This flyer was distributed during the investigation in 1988.